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What people are saying about Billanti Casting . . .

“I’ve always appreciated Billanti Casting’s swift professional and high quality work.  You folks have always happily helped me with my projects however low grade they have been.  I would like to thank you again for your excellent service.  I have seen the worst.  Billanti is the best.” – Paul N, Tampa, FL

“Thank you Bellisima’s for your precious collaborations!” – Elizabeth L, Atlanta, GA

“I have used Billanti Casting for over 20 years. Their quick turn around times and quality castings have kept me a happy customer.” – Jeannette M., Lehigh Valley PA

“Thanks for all the great work.  It’s nice to know I can always depend on you.  My castings are always fast and fantastic!” – Susan Adams, VA

“You have always been perfect and worked to make my work perfect.  I truly appreciate all your efforts and the perfection of the work.” – Felicia L, Sarasota, FL

“I have always found Billanti Casting to be professional and of the highest quality.  Though I live in the Southwest where there are many available services for silversmiths, we still prefer Billanti Casting to do most of our casting.” – Star York, Santa Fe, NM

“Your casting and mold making coupled with outstanding personalized services since 1970 have enhanced my business and allowed great creative expression.  It was my pleasure to meet most of you, either in Arizona or in New Jersey when you visited a gem show where my work was on display.  You are an integral part of my business - www.thimbles2fit.com.” – Tommie Jane Lane, Boone, NC  

“Rosemarie, great castings.  And the price was right!” – Dave D, Corning, NY

“Just got the castings, they are great!!  I had to finish one of the rings quickly and there was no fire scale at all and the detail on all of them is great.”  – Judy W, Green Sulphur Springs, VA

“I'm emailing to let you know that I was very happy with the results of the last order.  The cast roses were sort of disappointing, but the rubber mold came out better than I expected, so I'm going to call that a success.  Everything else was perfect. Thank you much.” – Jason L, Salt Lake City, UT

“A long and profitable relationship…we couldn’t have structured our business without you!” – Rudy and Irene Patton, R&I PATTON GOLDSMITHING, St. John, VI  

“My experience with Billanti has been an absolute pleasure. The turnaround time is very fast and their work is absolutely perfect. I would recommend them to anyone.” – Lock B, Branford, CT

“I remember that when I was 35 years younger, I used to go to Billanti Casting and I got very good castings.  Now when I need a good casting I send it to Billanti in New Hyde Park and I am at peace knowing that within a few days I will get professional work done.” – JJD, NYC

“I have been with Billanti Casting since 1975 – Friendly and Great Service!! – That pretty much says it all.” – John Kennedy, J. KENNEDY DESIGN, Easthampton, MA   

“I found Rosemarie and Billanti Casting Company an easy and competent firm with which to do business.” – Arlene Abend, Sculptor, Syracuse, NY

“Billanti Casting is super efficient & prompt!  Great casting services that had been recommended to me by more than one source.” – Heyltje  B., Branford, CT

“I have been a client of Billanti Casting Co. for many years now.  I wouldn't even think of getting my work cast anywhere else!  Along with quality assurance, their customer relations are above and beyond.  They even sent us a little gift when our son was born.  I was so touched by this gesture.  Thank you all for doing such an outstanding job!” – Deb Blazer, BLAZER ARTS, Melrose, FL

“It is my pleasure to acknowledge an ongoing happy relationship with Billanti Casting spanning 35 years of excellent service.  I am a self-taught jewelry designer and maker, and on more than one occasion Billanti Casting has tactfully informed what can and cannot work.   Artventures wishes the reorganization of Billanti Casting the very best of success and our assurance of a continued happy relationship.” – Stanford Adler, ARTVENTURES, Goodview, PA

“We were referred to Billanti Casting by a local jeweler.  I know almost nothing about casting or finishes and Rosemarie was wonderfully patient and professional in guiding me through the various possibilities for the work to be done -- a casting of several crosses for our monastery gift shop and catalog.  I asked our local jeweler about the proposed costs and was assured that we were getting a good deal.  We are very pleased with the outcome: the crosses are beautiful, the service was prompt.  We will be back.” – Br. David for NEW  SKETE FARMS and The Monks of New Skete


“As a high school teacher of jewelry arts, I have used Billanti Casting for all my casting needs and have had the great fortune of having what I can only describe as a personal friendship with the company.  Whenever a student would ask a question I could not answer, it was Billanti Casting I would contact for the answer. Whenever I had a question regarding casting or metals, it was Billanti Casting that helped me with the issues at hand. Billanti has always been prompt with my castings and  have always taken  care to  insure that whatever student blank was sent to be cast was treated the same as those being cast by professional jewelers.  I have recently retired but continue to use Billanti Casting for my personal casting needs. In the current economy it is good to have a company to work with that you can trust and one that gives you the feeling that you are more than just another ID number on a tag.”  – Ritch S. Leone, Nantucket Island, MA

“I have happily been using Billanti's casting services for over 30 years. The results are always excellent and on time. It is a pleasure to do business with the Billanti family.” – Joel Schwalb, Nyack, NY

“Great service, best quality and value we have found. A family business we are proud to be associated with for many years.” – Tiffany A., New Orleans, LA

“I am a Swedish born jeweler living and working in London, UK.  My association with the Billanti’s started way back in the early eighties, when I was doing lots of shows in the USA, like the New York International Gift Fair, th
e Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and many others. I got interested in producing cast studio multiples in silver and an American college warmly recommended the Billanti’s.  So, I went to see them (then still on Manhattan) with my first model, a very large brooch, and, as I recollect, probably really tricky to cast. I was very happy with the result so I started producing more and more pieces to be cast, usually large and three-dimensional and certainly very demanding of the casters.  The quality remained consistently good and enabled me to produce jewelry with a flawless finish.

     “Although I no longer do many shows in the USA I continue to have my pieces cast by with Billanti because I find the quality of their castings unsurpassable.  Every piece in my collection is cast by Billanti Casting.” – Gun Thor, GUN THOR JEWELLERY, London, England, UK

“Billanti Casting has been part of my professional life for 40 years.  Their reliability and predictable delivery time is only one of the reasons I’ve continued to use their services.  Since they will cast anything, I’ve been able to develop a multitude of unique components to use in larger cast and constructed pieces.  This has made it feasible to market an essentially ‘one of a kind’ line.  While this may not be an efficient method of production for other jewelry manufacturers, it has allowed me to do it my way and still survive all these years.” – Angela Conty, Salisbury, MA


“Have been working with Billanti Casting for over 40 years and was never once disappointed.  Confident, caring, informative, helpful – I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – Sara Kennedy, CELLAR WORKSHOP, Westport, CT

“Billanti's reproduction of a period brass Hepplewhite pull was amazingly detailed and nearly as thin as the original.  I was very impressed with their fine work.” - Nancy Cogger Andersen, LONDONDERRY BRASSES, LTD. - "When Authenticity Counts"   www.londonderry-brasses.com

“I have a tailor-shop in Sweden where I sew reproduction 19th century "folk-costumes."  Billanti Casting has for many years cast reproduction buttons and buckles for me in both brass and bronze. The workmanship has always been of the highest quality, done in a very timely fashion. The administration (billing and shipping, etc.) has also been very consumer friendly.” – Paul Höglund, Rättvik, Sweden    www.hoglundsskradderi.com

“I have been using Billanti Casting for many of my projects, both in my wholesale line, and for custom orders for many years. Over the years I have relied upon them for most of my casting needs. They usually cast my work in a day or two after I place an order.” – Richard D. Hamilton, Edgartown, MA 

“Billanti was the first caster I ever used.  This was in 1967.  Started my own business in 1970 and have used them ever since that time.  One of the most ethical companies I have ever worked with as well as very high quality work.” – Clifton N., Scottsburg, IN

“We use Billanti for our Jewelry casting.  It is top quality work and is always delivered on time or before. There is no one that can compete with their world class work and service.” – CONNECTICUT SHOTGUN MFG. CO., New Britain, CT

“As dedicated customers for over 15 years, we cannot be happier with the quality, dependability, and promptness with which Billanti Casting produces our custom and original designs.  Working on tight deadlines, we rely on Billanti to produce excellent results every time.  They have always treated ever job carefully and professionally.  Their special yellow 18k gold is a perfect match for our findings and finishes beautifully.  I have no doubt that Billanti's decision to expand their services will only improve their already outstanding business.” – Geraldine Kish Perry, FAIRBANK AND PERRY GOLDSMITHS, Concord, MA

“I have been a loyal Billanti customer since they were recommended to me when I was a student in the early 1990's.  Billanti Casting has fast, reliable service with good quality casting.  Rosemarie and Gina have always taken the time to work with me over the years as my business has changed and evolved, they have continuously provided outstanding customer service! ” – Chrissy Gemmill, Frederick, MD

“I have worked with Billanti Casting Co. for many years. I recommend them highly. Several of the students and professionals that I work with have been extremely satisfied with their work.” – Anita Greenman, Maui, HI

“Thank you very much for always making my work look fabulous!  I truly appreciate it and look forward to doing more work with you.” – Angelina E, Bayonne, NJ

“After spending days on a one-of-a-kind wax, Billanti is the company I trust to cast the wax and has never disappointed me!  Thank you for being so reliable.  I recommend you to all my friends and students.  A student recently did her wedding ring, and was delighted with the quality of the casting, and my most recent casting is also perfect.” – Cynthia Eid, Lexington, MA

“I would just like to say that Billanti has been producing clean castings and beautifully made molds for me since the early 1970's. One can always depend on quick processing time. Also their large format yearly calendar has helped maintain the schedule in my workshop for some 38 years, and I would be lost without it.” – Tom Odell, Chatham, MA

“Since 1968, Billanti Casting has been my casting company.  Did I try other casters from time to time?  Yes.  Was anybody near the quality, consistency, speed and friendliness?  No.  Thanks, Billanti!” – Larry Seegers, Katonah, NY

“When it comes to casting light and very detailed pieces, our full trust lies with Billanti Casting. We have used their excellent services for 25 years for our 18 kt. gold needs and have found that there is no match in the industry." – Barbara H., Rochester, NY

“We have been processing your castings for some of your customers for many years. The quality of your castings are always very nice and they are clean with no residual investment or oxidation.” – Neil Bell, RED SKY PLATING, Albuquerque, NM

“Billanti Casting has been consistently clean and accurate in their casting of all my models for over 30 years. I also have designs on file with them which makes reproducing items fast and easy. For me as a one of a kind and limited issue artist their service is unsurpassed. I can rely on them always for quality.” – Joan Morgan, Kitty Hawk, NC.

“I've been using Billanti Casting for all of my gold casting for over 30 years.  They are simply the best quality caster there is out there. Quick and convenient too.” – Daniel R. Spirer, Cambridge, MA

“I've been doing business with Billanti Casting for more than 25 years and have more than 700 molds with them.  I can't remember the last time there was an issue with ordering, casting or billing. They are a large part of my business and treat us like family. I would recommend them strongly.” – Diana Kim England, Nantucket, MA

“We have been with Billanti Casting for twenty years and have enjoyed the prompt service, warm family-spirited relationship and sincere concern!  They have been with our company through thick and thin, there for us when we needed them and one of the driving forces behind the JAY SHARPE BRAND.  We consider Billanti our extended family.  Can't go wrong with Billanti Casting.” – Jay and Andrea Sharpe, JAY SHARPE LLC, Richmond, VA

“Some Things Never Change - A long time ago I couldn't find anyone in my area who was capable of casting my over-sized chess set pieces, so I opened the Manhattan yellow pages, randomly picked a casting company, and headed to 47th Street.  I have this recollection of sliding my 20-some waxes under the thick plexiglas window and hearing a terse reply to the effect of "come back Thursday."  After the previous, stumbling-bumbling attempts of those who looked at my job like it was an unconquerable mountain, the matter-of-fact exchange was simultaneously unsettling and reassuring.  (I had tried two other vendors and even bought my own oven, torch, and casting rig.)  But I guess I must have come to the right place.  And indeed I had.  Thursday came and I left with success, in days, for a task that previously consumed untold months.

     “Approximately 25 years later---yes, 25... hey, I was busy---I wanted to duplicate the chess set. I thought, let me try this new Internet thing, so I Googled "Billanti" to find that same 48th Street address again.  They were now on Long Island, but the help and expertise are the same.  I'm still not very knowledgeable about the technicalities of casting---although having tried myself I know how tricky it is---but I don't have to be.  I send my ill-prepared models off to New Hyde Park and they come back as art.” - Jack Bellis, www.jackbellis.com

“I received my order today – thank you! The pieces turned out wonderfully. I realize I am new to casting and am still learning much about jewelry making – this created a less than ideal model that may have created some challenges that more knowledgeable people would have avoided. Your experience and craftsmanship made my pieces possible. Also my father, who is a retired jeweler and goldsmith who did casting for the trade, sends his compliments on your excellence as well saying that your work is some of the best he’s seen.” - Eric Imperiale, CA