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Vulcanized Rubber Molds

These molds are traditional rubber molds made from metal models. Reproduction from these molds generally shrink 8% to 10% from the original model. This should be considered when settings, bezels and ring sizes are an important factor.

Prices begin at $25.00 and increase depending on size and complexity. These production molds are durable and with the proper care and handling can be expected to last indefinitely.

Non-Shrink Rubber Molds

Chemical process molds vulcanized at room temperature allow for greater flexibility in the choice of material that you can use to make your models.  We call these molds "NON-SHRINK" because shrinkage of the reproduction can be less than 1% from your original.  There are many products available today that afford less shrinkage, but each has it own factors to be considered in regard to the confines of the original model.  We will work together with you to make the right decision for your piece.  These molds are priced at $35.00 and increase depending on size and complexity. New products are always beings tested and introduced to the industry, so please feel free to call and inquire about the products we offer and which would be best to suit your requirements.

It is important to note that because these molds are a chemical formula, they can break down or "melt" from normal use. They may last only a few years, which is why we do not guarantee these molds. We strongly recommend that should you use a non-metal model, cast one extra piece in a base metal and save it as a model for the future, should indeed the mold breakdown. This metal model can then be used to make a traditional vulcanized rubber mold or another non-shrink mold.


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