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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my order take?
Orders are generally completed and shipped within a day or two of being received, except around our vacation time, when they may take a little longer.

What do castings cost?
It is impossible for us to quote prices for labor charges without first seeing the piece or pieces in question. We invite you to send your designs to us and we will gladly give you an estimate before any work is begun. Of course, the integrity of a client’s creation is always held in strict confidence whether sent for pricing or for production.

How long does it take to make a rubber mold?
The process of making rubber or non-shrink molds generally takes approximately a day or two. The order follows on schedule.

How much do molds cost?
Vulcanized rubber molds start at $25.00 (for example, a basic ring) and at $35.00 for non-shrink molds. Charges increase depending on size and complexity.

Does BILLANTI offer CAD/CAM or model-making services?
We do not make models, but we do work closely with many model-makers and can help you find the right craftsman to fabricate your concept into a working model in either metal, wax or computer assisted design. 

Are there any other costs?
In addition to casting labor and mold charges, there are the metal charges, based on the daily market per pennyweight (dwt.), and shipping and handling. There is a minimum casting labor charge of $25.00 per invoice.

Who keeps my molds?
The design is your own; you are only charged for the labor incurred in making the mold, and it is returned to you with your order. You can send it back to us each time you need to reorder.  We can also hold your molds on our premises which will simplify your ordering process.

What are my size limitations?
Our size limitations are generally 4½ inches by 6¾ inches. We can accommodate some larger pieces; please contact us with your specific details.

How will my order be shipped?
We ship via UPS, USPS and FedEx, utilizing all their services.  If we ship your order through UPS you will receive an email from auto-reply@ups.com with the tracking number, expected date of delivery, and if COD the amount due.

Are my designs insured in shipping?
Models for molding are generally insured for $100.00 each unless a higher amount is specified. Molds are insured for the average cost to remake the mold. Wax models that are cast into metal are not insured for any additional value over the invoice unless the customer so specifies.

Can I drop off or pickup my order?
We always welcome visits from our customers. Call us for directions and/or an appointment.

How do I pack my waxes for shipping?
Your waxes and originals are very fragile and delicate pieces. Please take great care in packing them; the parcels are often abused in shipping and they can break easily. Use plenty of absorbent packing material around each individual piece, preventing them from movement, and use a large sturdy box. Of course, always include a list indicating the number of pieces enclosed so that we'll know if something arrives broken.

Is there anything else I need to do when sending in an order?
Your letter of instructions should include your shipping address as well as a list of contents with details as to your order for each item, indicating quantity and metal.  Indicate if you require an estimate prior to producing your order, and always include a telephone number and email address.

Can I use my own metal?
In order to be able to supply you with the highest quality castings, we must know the metal we are using.  We are not refiners, and therefore do not accept scrap or metal to be used for casting.  Any metal you send us may have even the slightest impurity in it which could affect your, as well as everyone else’s castings, so we cannot add it to our inventory.  Be assured we do always recycle our metal, bringing it back to it’s purest form.

Is there a minimum order?
There are no minimum casting orders, but we do have a minimum casting labor charge of $25.00 per invoice.

Is there a discount on large orders?
Yes, we do offer price breaks on large production orders.

Does BILLANTI provide finishing services?
Currently, we can remove sprues and tumble finish your pieces for a small additional charge.  Prices can be given on request.  We also work with other finishing contractors and can subcontract to suit your needs.

What are my payment options?
Orders may be prepaid or COD. Credit terms are extended to frequently reordering commercial accounts. At this time we do not accept credit cards.

When does BILLANTI close for vacation?
We close during the first two weeks of July and during Christmas week, annually. We always ask that you get your orders in early to eliminate any last minute rush or problems.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us anytime by phone, fax or email to discuss your specific needs.

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